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Nitrogen Inflation Systems
Auto-Inflation System, Nitrogen Purity Tester
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Enhanced Safety for Vehicles
The most significant benefit of filling
tires with nitrogen on automobiles is
enhanced safety. Under inflation of
tires due to the diffusion of air through
the tire was identified as a significant
cause of recent tire failures.
In fact, the TREAD Act recently passed
by the US Congress requires the
National Highway and Transportation
Safety Administration (NHTSA) to
develop an on-board warning of low
tire pressure in all automobiles.
Taray Nitrogen Auto-Inflation System
The auto-nitrogen inflation system was designed to automate the tire inflation and purge cycles when using nitrogen systems.
The digital auto-inflator works in conjunction with a 4-way manifold system for simultaneous inflation of up to six passenger or
truck tires.
The auto-inflation system is wall-mounted for easy access by shop personnel. The user inputs the desired target pressure on the
digital screen and simply chooses one of two types of inflation programs, standard inflation or purge inflation. The unit is
programmed to “purge” inflate tires for maximum nitrogen purity.
Several options are available with this system such as core removing chucks, dual LCD screens, etc.
The new Advantage handheld nitrogen percentage indicator displays the actual nitrogen percentage
in your tires. All other systems in the market show you the oxygen percentage and require a
calculation to convert it to the nitrogen percentage.
The rugged ergonomic design of the Advantage nitrogen percentage
indicator enables ease of use in motor racing pits, workshops, fleet
control stations, tire stores, lube shops and automotive
Ease of use, fast reaction time and large digital
display make the ANS nitrogen percentage indicator
the preferred choice among industry professionals.
The battery life is extended by an automatic power off functions and both the sensor
and battery can be easily replaced by the user.
Taray/Advantage Nitrogen Purity Tester
Catalog #
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