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Handheld Nitrogen Generator
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Compressed air inlet
On/Off button &
over-inflated tire
release button
Digital display
Ergonomic grip
Nitrogen inflation button
Locking ring
Interchangeable cartridge
Clip-on chuck
Nitrogen filling
Models ANS-018H
(handheld model)
The Advantage nitrogen inflation wand is a revolutionary compact,
handheld nitrogen gas generator that produces nitrogen gas from
compressed air. The Advantage wand was developed in order to
offer a cost-effective, reliable and safe alternative to traditional gas
supplies such as cylinders.
Nitrogen is used as a clean, dry, inert gas primarily for removing
oxygen from products and/or processes.
Nitrogen inflation can prevent tire deflation
caused by oxygen permeation through the
tire walls and therefore helps to achieve
and maintain correct tire pressure.
The Advantage nitrogen inflation wand is
robust, lightweight and mobile and
designed to inflate tires with nitrogen gas
at the correct pressure and purity on
vehicles such as cars, vans, trailers and
With innovative technology, outstanding
performance and convenient design, the
system offers a practical, low investment
solution with a high margin potential.
Catalog # Description
Nitrogen Production
ANS-018H Advantage Nitrogen System
1.8 CFM
ANS-018C Advantage Replacement Cartridge (12,000 fill duty cycle)
Form Factor
Handle life expectancy
50,000 tire fills
Cartridge life expectancy
12,000 tire fills
Nitrogen capacity
1.8 CFM
Nitrogen purity
95% (average)
Ambient temp. range
-4° - 122° F
Maximum tire pressure
50% of inlet pressure
Air inlet pressure range
75 - 160 PSI
Inlet connection
1/4" BSPP
CE conforming (EMC & PED art.3.3)
Warranty (handle)
50,000 tire fills
Warranty (cartridge)
12,000 tire fills
none required
Dimensions (handle)
9" (h) x 3.5" (w) x 25" (d)
Weight (handle)
< 2.5 lbs
Dimensions (cartridge)
17.5" (h) x 3.5" (w)
Weight (cartridge)
< 1.5 lbs
Perfect for motorcycles!
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