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NDT - Non Destructive Tire Testers
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Hawkinson NDT-III fabric & steel version
NDT-III-S Hawkinson NDT-III steel only version
NDT Micro-Plus Tire Tester
Taray Advantage Nail hole
Detector Model D-250
The Advantage Detector model D-250 has been
engineered to detect nail holes, broken steel belts and
zippers in steel belted radial passenger, light truck and
truck tires.
The NDT digital Micro-Plus helps prevent separations by
finding the penetrations that cause them.
The proven NDT-II and NDT-2000
are the retreaders answer for
detecting flaws before they cause
problems! Now the digital Micro-
Plus is available...A manual
version of it's big brothers, the
NDT-II and NDT-2000.
Portability that works
with your existing
New patent pending
detector circuit tracks both
positive and negative
No electronic magnetic
Interference. New digital tire flaw detector. Find 87%
more flaws than any other NDT on the market. Reduce
inspection time by 43%.
NDT-III Tire Tester
The NDT-III tire tester will find 87% more flaws than any
other NDT on the market today, reduce inspection time
by 43%, inspect from bead to bead to reduce adjustment
rate, and increase efficiency with it’s new industrial
spreader design.
- New patent pending detector circuit.
- New patent pending high voltage circuit.
- Fewer parts to replace than the NDT-II.
- New probe design.
- Foot pedal controls for tire rotation and mounting.
- Smaller footprint than the NDT-II.
- Adjustable table to inspect tires at any height.
- Redesigned spread arms.
- No electronic magnetic interference.
- Swing arm pivots completely out of inspectors view.
- Spread arm lamps.
- Find more flaws than the standard NDT-II with cutting
edge technology.
- Repeatable test results that are more reliable and
consistent than with the standard NDT-II.
- Less down time and expense for maintenance.
- Scans more of the tire than the NDT-II.
- Keeps hands free to manipulate tires.
- Uses less space in customer facilities.
- Ergonomically designed for the operator’s comfort and
- Operator can see more of the tire as it’s inspected.
Catalog #
Hawkinson NDT Micro-Plus digital tire detector
Catalog #
Taray/Advantage D-250 detector - 110v
Taray/Advantage D-250 step-down transformer - 220v
H40-0034 D-285 replacement resonator coil
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